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Gruber earns trip to World Ploughing Competition in Germany

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An EVW freshman’s knack for plowing has earned her a trip to Germany in September, 2018.

   Hailey Gruber competes in field plowing and is traveling to the World Ploughing competition. To get to Worlds, Gruber first had to compete in county and then state matches and had to win Nationals to be able to compete in Worlds.  Gruber has competed in roughly 30 competitions since she first started plowing.

Winning is based on how neat, straight, parallel, flat, and deep your rows are.

   Field plowing is a long-standing family tradition for the Gruber family.  “My grandpa is the one who started, and then he passed it down to his kids,” Gruber said.


   Gruber remembers going with her dad to the practice field when she was younger. One day when she was about 8 years old, she asked him if or when she would be able to compete, too. To her surprise, she was given a tractor to practice with.

   In competitive field plowing, you have a field tractor and a competition plow called a Kverneland.  Plowers connect them and are given a three-hour time limit to complete the neatest row. If they go over the time, every minute is five points off. However, there are time exceptions such as if something happens to the tractor or plow, in which case the competitors are allotted extra time.

   This happened to Gruber once during a competition in Canada.  “I was in the field and my hydraulic hose blew up.  I got off the tractor and my whole hand and pan was full of oil and grease. It was really bad,” Gruber said.

   Competing against plowers from all over the world has been an unforgettable ride for Gruber. “My proudest moments were when I won Nationals and when I won the whole competition in Canada,” Gruber said.

   Gruber was one of the youngest competitors at Nationals that were held in Pennsylvania and didn’t think that she was going to win. “It’s very stressful and hard. You look at yourself and think ‘I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to win.’  But when I found out that I won I was so happy,” Gruber said.  “All my hard work paid off.”


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Gruber earns trip to World Ploughing Competition in Germany