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Where are the backpacks?

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Backpacks are meant to store students books and supplies. So why aren’t students at EVW allowed to carry them?

Following a series of school shootings, schools including EVW, throughout the United States have adopted a new backpack policy. The policy was recommended by law enforcement that students no longer carry backpacks with them to every class. Larger jackets, such as trench coats, are also largely discouraged as they are seen as a place for weapons to be stored.

Another factor that adds to EVW’s policy choice is the size of the school. “As a smaller school, students are given plenty of time to get to their lockers and to their next class,” dean of students Dave Schneider said. Not all schools, however, ban backpacks. Larger schools such as Watertown-Mayer, allow students to carry their backpacks from class to class.

Now that students at EVW can bring individual devices to class, the policy has been reviewed. It was decided that students are able to bring smaller computer bags with them, but not anything that is carried on their backs, due to a lack of space in classrooms and the fact that backpacks can be a distraction.

“I think carrying a backpack around would come in handy sometimes,” junior Maci Scott said. Carrying backpacks may help students stay organized, but research shows carrying a backpack can have negative effects on posture and increase the chance of back problems.

“I can see the health issues that can come with carrying around a heavy backpack all day,” media assistant Gwen Asfeld said.

There is a large variety of different backpack related policies that are used in schools throughout the world, but with EVW’s size and many other factors the policy remains enforced.


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Where are the backpacks?