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Seniors Take Their Final Bow

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It’s kind of a bittersweet start to the season for the seniors in the One-Act play. Knowing that this year will be their last but still being excited to compete in this year’s competition. This year’s One-Act is a farce or a fast paced comedy. This year the cast will be performing “Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Fifth Period”.

The Seniors

This year there are six seniors in the cast. They include; Nathan Utecht, Dyani Acosta, Kaitlyn Gruber, Sydney Ruhland, Eryn Eken, and Mackenzie Field. “The seniors are quite talented I must say. I have been very grateful for their commitment.” Director Jess Lubbers said. “I do admit that this year it is a little tough because we are the oldest and we don’t have anyone to look up to for advice.” Senior Dyani Acosta said. “We have to be the leaders now, and we really have to connect with younger students who are also in this play, otherwise it won’t come together.”

New Director

Not only is it their last year but it is also their directors first year. English teacher and assistant speech coach at EVW, Jess Lubbers, is the new director for this year’s play. “This year we have a new director, Mr. Lubbers, who is doing a fantastic job!” Senior Kaitlyn Gruber exclaimed. “My first year has been great so far!” Director Jess lubbers said. “It is starting to get busy now, but working with the cast has been a ton of fun”

Creating Tight Bonds

Having a small cast can be difficult but, great to meet and get to know new people. “I love getting to be with people I don’t normally get to see in a regular school day or at other activities. One act has a special place because of the smaller cast, festivals we go to, and overall bond that we get to have that differs from other play productions and acting activities.” Gruber said. Spending so much time together can make cast members become close friends. Kaitlyn Gruber has been in four one acts and Dyani Acosta has been in three. Both Acosta and Gruber have been in five springs plays. Spending years acting together can create a tight bond between cast members. “I love the fact that our One-Act cast always becomes a family because we spend so much practice time together, performance and festivals that usually consist of the entire day so we spend a bunch of time together!” Acosta said.

The Upcoming Years

For the students that still have a couple years left they will have some shoes to fill. “This year we have so many great senior actors. It will be sad to see all of them leave since we’ve shared so many memories with them on stage. They have taught me so many things like easy ways to learn lines, and how to let the character take over during show time and more.” Sophomore Brooke Geislinger said. “We’ll have some big shoes to fill next year.”

“We’ll have some big shoes to fill next year.””

— Brooke Geislinger


“There is absolutely nothing that I can complain about because it is overall a great experience to have whether you’re acting or behind the scenes. I’ve done both and they have both been a blast!” Gruber exclaimed. The cast will be performing Jan 21 in Annandale, school performance Jan 26, and traveling to Paynesville Jan 28 to compete in the subsection competition, and hoping for a state appearance. “ It’s so fun to perform as character that is outrageously funny, or charismatic.” said Acosta. “Overall, I really enjoy the plays, the people involved, and the community we build within it!”


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Seniors Take Their Final Bow