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New food program introduces exciting choices

Jayce Stenger, Brandom Kelm, and Damon Brutger, Staff Writer

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Since this school year has begun we have already been introduced to many new food items. This year Eden Valley Watkins schools have gotten a taste of some of the new foods to come thanks to the school’s new food provider.

So far this year, we have been treated to some new food items such as: wild rice deep dish chili, cheesy baked ziti, crunchy frito pie, and sweet and sour chicken. That’s not all though, as we still have many new food items to come later in the year such as: fiesta lasagna, bean and cheese burrito, and chicken alfredo. Hopefully all of these new items taste as good as the meals we’ve eaten so far. And not to mention, these are all new things we’ve never had offered to us before with the old program! So, with that being said, we look forward to seeing all the new food items to come!

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New food program introduces exciting choices