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Crazy fruits take over supermarkets

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Cotton candy and grapes great by themselves but how would they taste together?   Or how about a tropical fruit that tastes exactly like scrambled eggs.  These are just a couple of weird foods that end up tasting like completely different foods. Let’s take a closer look at these crazy foods.

Your food is not what you think, check out these crazy fruits. First on our list are cotton candy grapes, these candy fruits are produced without genetic

engineering or added flavor. They are simply bred with varying types of grapes in a part of California and amazingly cotton candy grapes were formed. So if you’re looking for a a way to take you back to your childhood days and eating cotton candy at the fair this is the healthy alternative.


Cotton candy grapes are just one of the new ‘superfruits’ that have been introduced to the market.

The list continues on to the Jackfruit. Now have you ever heard that things taste different when they’re unripe and ripe, well the Jackfruit takes this to the next level. When unripe a Jackfruit comes out in pods that surprisingly taste like a chicken breast and get this, when it’s ripe it taste like pineapple bubble gum! So whether you’re craving meat that’s not meat or an alternative to a sugary treat, the Jackfruit is your way to go. Just make sure you know whether it’s ripe or not.

As our search in crazy fruits continues it brings us to the Ackee fruit. Now this may be a bright, tropical fruit, but truthfully it tastes like scrambled eggs.  The Ackee fruit is actually the national fruit of Jamaica. But be warned if you get you’re hands on one make sure to eat the right part because parts of the Achee are actually poisonous!!  This fruit resembles an apple hanging from a tree, when it is fully ripened the pod will open up and the only part that you could eat is a yellow part of the plant that is surrounded by always toxic black seeds so be careful! So even though this fruit deceived us and try to poison us we can all agree that this bizarre fruit has made its way into our hearts and onto our list.

Love ice cream, but hate the brain freeze and extra calories? Well now there’s a healthy alternative, Blue Java Bananas. You may not have heard of them but they’re very popular in other countries. They’re actually a light, pale blue color on the outside and when they’re peeled their texture and taste is similar to vanilla ice cream. Because of this the more common name for them is ice cream bananas. Now you want one. Just admit it! (We want one too.)

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Crazy fruits take over supermarkets