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2017 Referendum: Football field Fly or Flop?

Taylor Ludwig and Jakob Thielen, Staff Writer

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The 2017 school referendum was in some eyes a great idea and in some other minds it was not such a good idea. This years referendum consisted of an updated football field and many other things.
The majority of people that voted for the referendum said they didn’t want it, which is why it did not pass. Many say the football field is why they voted no. But is the football field really a bad idea?
The existing football field is on city property which means the school has to pay rent. This means moving the field to school grounds would eliminate the cost by a large amount. This also means that more money from admission would go toward equipment which most football players want. This issue may resurface in another upcoming referendum. That doesn’t mean that all referendums will be shot down if they have the football field on it. It means the school might need to prioritize what they want that was on this past referendum.

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2017 Referendum: Football field Fly or Flop?